United Enterprises of Triumph is a group of business entities managed by Triumph Corporation Ltd., our holding company based in Tokyo. We have invested in Information Technology, Sales and Marketing, Real Estate and Manufacturing ventures in Japan. Our aim is to extend our reach to the global stage by identifying promising business ventures and investing in their sustainable development.

Triumph Corporation Ltd.

Triumph Corporation is the holding apex body of United Enterprises of Triumph (UET) that aims to foster, promote and advance organic growth by optimizing business management processes across the group while continuously seeking to accelerate value generation through M&A activities.

IS Force Ltd.

With a development center in Tokyo, Marketing & Sales and Support bases in Tokyo and Osaka, ISForce features a line of software products while engaging in systems and software engineering projects catering to a diverse clientele in Japan.

Triumph Asset Management Ltd.

Triumph Asset Management Ltd is a real-estate management company that owns residential buildings within the 23-wards of Tokyo. The company specializes in acquisition, leasing and property management activities in Tokyo.

Advance Ltd.

Based in Kanagawa, Advance specializes in optimization of marketing and sales operations through research, development and application of novel techniques to improve shopper experience in the retail industry. Majority of its clients comprise fashion and apparel businesses in Japan.

ISMS ISO/IEC 27001:2013.